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You or someone you love is a candidate for Conscious Sedation (Dentistry Asleep). If you/they have experienced any of the following:

  1. High fear or anxiety
  2. Have had a traumatic dental experience
  3. A severe gag reflex
  4. Have difficulty becoming numb with L.A. or very sensitive teeth
  5. Extensive dental problems
  6. A child who is too nervous or too young to undergo dental treatment awake

It is with great satisfaction and enjoyment that we treat children in our office with the goal of helping them overcome their fears. At our office we have T.V. and video game area specifically for them, to help keep their mind off of the treatment to come. For severely anxious children we are able to use sedation techniques that starts with the application of a mask which puts them to sleep thus relieving them of any fears. Bringing your child in for continual recare appointments will be a big help in relieving your child of dental anxieties and help them to never fear the dentist again.

Your Sleep Team

A typical sleep team would include Dr. Sanjay Nigam, our highly trained medical anesthesiologist, his registered nurse and Dr. Nigam’s certified Dental Assistant. At Kierland Dental Arts you will find a caring environment, free of fear, free of pain and committed to your comfort. Dentistry asleep makes it possible for you to be totally relaxed during your treatment, as if you were asleep. You won’t feel any discomfort and you will wake up to a bright new smile in as little as one or two appointments.

For the facts

Most people report that they feel absolutely nothing and that during their appointments they are relaxed, sleeping and comfortable at all times. You will be sedated, so you will require a companion to drive you to and from your appointment and it is recommended you have someone stay with you after. One of our team members will always be with you and you will be monitored constantly to ensure your comfort and safety. Below you will find a few specifics that may be of interest. Your specific answer may not be here, so please don’t hesitate to call and ask one of our friendly and informative staff for the information you need.

How are Patients put to sleep?

We offer 2 ways, depending on the individual patient, breathing through a mask or by use of an injection. There are 3 levels of sedation used depending on the patient and their situation they are:

  1. General anesthesia – unconscious
  2. Deep sedation – unconscious, not as deep, faster recovery time
  3. Conscious sedation – patient is responsive but unaware

What is General Anesthesia?

General Anesthesia is an effective way of completing dental treatment while the patient is unconscious. This allows us to complete the dental treatment you need without any discomfort.

Is General Anesthesia safe?

An Anesthesiologist is responsible for administering general anesthesia and for closely monitoring and caring for the patient throughout the appointment. With the help of his Registered Nurse, monitoring of things such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level are done throughout the entire procedure. Your dentist will discuss the benefits and risks involved in G.A. according to your specific treatment.

Are there any special instructions for General Anesthesia?

A physical examination is required prior to the General Anesthesia appointment. A form is filled out by your Doctor and given to the Anesthesiologist for information on your medical state to ensure safety during the appointment. It is important not to have anything to eat or drink from the night prior and up until the appointment time. If you are sick contact your dentist, it may be necessary to arrange another appointment. Wear comfortable clothing, and the person receiving treatment should have someone to stay with them to drive them home afterward. The patient usually needs one to two days rest depending on the treatment done, after that the patient can usually return to a regular daily routing.

Will my insurance cover General Anesthesia?

There are thousands of dental plans and carriers, we will send out an insurance estimate prior to the treatment to determine the extent of which general anesthesia services are covered. If necessary we can also make financial arrangements through our care credit system so that you can get the dental care you need.

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